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Memorex VR4

Programming the VR4

  1. Press the device Key (TV,VCR, or CBL).
  2. Press the PROG (program) key. The red light on the remote will come on.
  3. Enter the first two-digit code for the selected device using the numbered keys on the remote. (Note: If you wait longer than 30 seconds to enter the code, the indicator turns off. If this happens, return to first step)
  4. Check to see if the code works by pointing the remote at the device and pressing POWER.
    • If the power on the device comes on you have entered the correct code, and you should proceed to step 6.
    • If the power on the device does not come on, press the PROG key, followed by the POWER key again.
    Continue to press PROG POWER PROG POWER until the power comes on, or until the red light on the remote flashes three times and turns off.
  5. If the light flashes three times and turns off and you have not found a working code, try the next Brand code listed for your device. Press the PROG key, enter the next code, and press the POWER key. Again, be ready to repeat the sequence of PROG, POWER, PROG, POWER until the power on your device comes on, or the red light on the remote flashes three times and turns off. If you do not find a code that works among the codes for your device, try the codes listed under Other Brands, and follow the same procedures.
  6. When you find a code that turns on the power device, try some of the other functions to make sure they work. Then , press the RECORD button to save the code. The light on the remote will flash once to indicate that the selection has been saved.
  7. When you have programmed the first device, follow steps 1 through 6 above each other device you wish to use. To program the AUX key, decide which additional device you want the AUX key to operate. Then press AUX, followed by PROG, followed by the device you want to program (TV, VCR, CBL), followed by the two digit brand code. Press PROG POWER PROG POWER as required. When the power on the device comes on, save the setting with the RECORD key.

When you have finished programming the remote, it is strongly recommended that you write the codes that you found to work, on the label that is on the back of the battery compartment cover. This will provide a handy reference later should you have to reprogram your remote control.

TV Codes

TV Brand Code
AOC 06
Brocksonic 01
Candle 23
Capehart 02,27,10,06,04,01
Citizen 23
Craig 27,10,06,04,01
Crown 27
Croslex 10,23
Curtis Mathis 17,16,04,23,10,30,00,06
Daewoo 15,16,12,27,10,06,04,01
Emerson 04,06,16,01
Fisher 02,17,06
Funai 27,10,06,04,01
GE 03,15
Goldstar 04,06,16
Hitachi 05,04
JC Penney 06,17,16,04
JVC 07
Magnavox 10,23,04
Marantz 30,27
Memorex 11,10
MGA 12
Midland 21
Mitsubishi 12
MTC 33
NEC 00,06,10
TV Brand Code
Panasonic 13
Philco 10,23
Philips 10,23
Pioneer 34
Proton 01
Quasar 14,13
RCA 15
Radio Shack 33,01,04,07,14
Realistic 33,01,04,07,14
Samsung 16,06
Sanyo 17,06
Scott 31
Sears/LXI 20,17,16,25,05,02
Sharp 21
Sony 22
Sound Design 01
Sylvania 23,10
Symphonic 23,27,10,06,04,01
Technics 35,13
Teknika 24,10
Toshiba 25
Totevision 33
Wards 32,10,21,17,03
Zenith 26
Other Brands 27,10,06,04,01

VCR Codes

VCR Brand Code
Curtis Mathis 00,05,12
Daewoo 26,01,10
Emerson 01,04,06
Fisher 02,16
Funai 34,35,23,10,26
GE 03,12,14,15
Goldstar 04,06,01
Hitachi 05,07
JC Penney 06,04,15,12
Jensen 33
JVC 07
Lloyds 26,01,10
Kenwood 07
Magnavox 10,12
Memorex 31,12,16,20
MGA 11
Midland 20
Mitsubishi 11
NEC 07,26
Panasonic 12,03
Pentax 01
VCR Brand Code
Philco 10,01,04
Philips 10,01,04
Pioneer 36
Quasar 13,22
RCA 15,03,12
RadioShack/Realistic 34,35,01,02,12,14,15,16,20,22
Samsung 15
Sanyo 17,06
Sears/LXI 17,16,04,05,24
Sharp 20
Sony 16,21
Sylvania 22,10,12
Symphonic 10,22,37,26
Technics 27,12
Teknika 23,10
TMK 01
Toshiba 24
Totevision 04
Wards 10,16,20
Zenith 25
Other Brands 26,01,10

Cable Box Codes

Cable Brand Code
ABC 04
Archer 07
GE 10
General Instrument 05
Hamlin 14
Hitachi 05
Jerrold 05
Magnavox 11
Oak 15
Panasonic 13
Paragon 03
Pioneer 06
RCA 10
Samsung 06
Scientific Atlanta 01
Starcom 05
Stargate 02
Sylvania 11
Toshiba 12
United Cable 05
Universal 07
Zenith 03
Other Brands 14