Programming codes for a Sony RM-Y102
Universal Remote Control

With the supplied Remote Commander, you can operate a Sony video
cassette recorder (Beta, 8ram, VHS) or multi disc player as well as most
non Sony video equipment connected to your TV by following the steps

1.  Set the TV/VTR selector to VTR.

When the selector is set to VTR, the POWER and CH +/- buttons on the
Remote Commander function as video operating buttons and cannot be used
to operate the TV.

2.  While pressing CODE SET, press the 0 - 9 buttons to enter the
manufacturer's code number (see chart below). For example, to operate
a Sony 8 mm VCR, press 0, 2 and ENTER.

3.  Use the video operating buttons on the Remote Commander to operate
the video equipment.

KV-27TW76, KV-32TW75 and KV-32TW76.

Manufacturers and Code Numbers (VCR)

          Manufacturer              Code number
SONY                                01, 02, 03, 04
CANON                               05
EMERSON                             22, 30, 33
FISHER                              10, 11, 12, 15
FUNAI                               29
GENERAL ELECTRIC                    05, 08
GOLDSTAR                            25
HITACHI                             70, 08
JVC                                 16
MAGNAVOX                            05, 06, 09
MITSUBISHI                          18, 19, 26, 27
MULTITECH                           29
NEC                                 16, 23, 31
PANASONIC                           05, 06
PHILCO                              05, 06
PHILIPS                             05, 06, 09
QUASAR                              05, 06
RCA                                 07, 08
SAMSUNG                             24, 32
SANYO                               11, 15
SCOTT                               21
SHARP                               13, 14
SHINTOM                             34
SYLVANIA                            05, 06, 09
SYMPHONIC                           29
TEKNIKA                             28, 29
TOSHIBA                             20, 21
TOTE VISION                         25
ZENITH                              17

If more than one code number is listed for manufacturers other than
Sony, try entering them one by one, until you come to the correct code
for your equipment.
If the video equipment does not have a certain function, the
corresponding button on this Remote Commander will not operate.

In some rare cases, you may not be able to operate your non-Sony video
equipment with the supplied Remote Commander. This is because your
equipment may use a code that is not provided with this Remote
Commander. In this case, please use the equipment's own remote control

When you remove the batteries from the Remote Commander, all the
settings will revert to the Sony Beta setting. Reset the codes by
following the steps above.

The code numbers for Sony equipment are assigned as follows:

01 .... Beta, ED Beta VCR
02 .... 8mm VCR
03 .... VHS VCR
04 .... Video disc player

Please advise if you have any questions, or if I may be of further

Thank you for your interest in Sony products.

Sony Internet Department