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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What if I can't find my remote model?
A: If you can't find your remote model, try doing a web search using the model number of your remote. If that does not yield any results then try to find contact information for the company that made the remote. You might be able to find a website with an email address or a phone number. If that fails you can try using the instructions from one of the remotes of the same brand. After looking for your manual one last time you may want to consider purchasing a remote from a company that provides better support. The last option is to check back later, perhaps someone will have submitted the codes.
Q: Are all remotes listed on the site universal remotes?
A: Strictly speaking, no, not all remotes are universal. Many of the remotes listed come with TVs, VCRs, AV receivers, etc. and have the ability to control other components. For instance your TV remote may be able to control your DVD player if you know the right code. Sometimes a component's remote that is not truly universal works just fine, but if you have several components (for example TV, receiver, DVD player, cable or satellite system) or more obscure components, then the included remote may not be powerful enough to control them all. It may take a true universal remote to control all components with just one remote.
Q: How do I submit new codes or instructions?
A: Submit new codes by sending them via email. See the Contact page for email information.
Q: Do you sell replacement remote controls?
A: No, we do not sell remote controls.